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I almost forgot to scan this in. This is the cover for either the first issue or the trade paperback collection. It's also were I got the color scheme for the Jr. Galactic Rangers. Granted Asteroid was a bit bluer than this painting. It's a damn shame this story wont be seen.



Hah! I did a cligghanger! And they're on a...cliff....cliffhang...

Anyway, I'll be throwing up a cover Pat did tomorrow. He made a couple of them. Then I am out. Hiatus-time. I'm not sure how long I will be out. Hopefully, It'll only be a month. We'll see. I may throw a thing or two up here in the meantime. I know I need to do a re-design. I've never been satisfied with my web-site design. That's another thing I'll work on.

Until next time, Have a Great Weekend! Go buy some comics!


Then the thought of me re-scanning one or two of my original stories and coloring them, then printing a limited edition comic for August's Web-comic convention, Strip came to mind. On things I could do. The one I thought of was Hell comes to Helldorado. It's only 30 pages. Dunno, dunno. I say re-scan because my exterior hard drive which had all those files died a quick death a while back. Hmmm.

Still percolating the next story. Still very much in the weird western vein. I think this weekend I'll need to crack open my Spaghetti Western box set and put some of those discs in. Get my imagination whirlin'. Drew one preliminary character design today. Not bad, but not there yet either.

One more page of Marty Meteor to go.

It's Wednesday. Go Buy Some Comics!


Currently, I am reading Enchanted, inc. by Shanna Swendson. She's a friend, well, a known acquaitance. I've talked to her over the years at FenCon, and figured I'd read one of her books. So far, it's pretty good. Whittlin' down my reading, but then if you've seen my Facebook posting, you noticed I picked up a John Ringo book this weekend. And if you don't know my Facebook 'address', it's Chris Medellin, my avatar is a Simpsonized Green Arrow, and the cover picture is the Magificent Seven, but I may be changing it soon. No reason, just thinking of changing it. 'Friend' me if you haven't already. Tell me what you think of Marty after Friday when the first issue is done, if you would be so kind.


Four pages to go for the first issue of Marty. I'll throw a cover that Pat did on Friday. Then hiatus. I just need a break. I gave my very good reason on Friday. In the meantime I am catching up on my reading. I've read "The Rise of Ransom City" by Felix Gilman. It's a sequel to "The Half-Made World". I was a little perturbed that the main characters in the first book were only in this one a little bit, but it still swept me up and away. I read "Redshirts" by John Scalzi. Good stuff, that zigged and zagged pretty well. It's good writing when the main story is done with and you still have almost a hundred pages to go. I've got some more than I'm working on.

I need to clear out the brain pan and then get back to work. I have yet to put pen to paper to design the characters in the next story.


And I never finished coloring this page either. Oh, well. I think I told y'all about the hiatus after next week, right? I got some character names scribbled on my white board and a rough idea on a story, or at least a start on a story. Haven't got more than that. I need to recharge. I just finished a nearly 300 page story. But I will return. Next week. With the final 4 pages of the first issue of Marty Meteor, Jr. Galactic Ranger!

Have a Great Weekend, everyone!


Wow. One month down. And I completely forgot to color some bits and pieces on this page. Oopsie.


And introducing THE favorite character I created for Marty Meteor, Black Hole Blackheart. I do my best not to pat myself on the back for any reason, but, man, I love this guy. I just want to go around saying his name in my best Thurl Ravenscroft imitation. If you got a hero that enjoys heroin', you need a villain who enjoys being a villain. Black Hole Blackheart is the villain's villain. I have no idea on how I came up with the name, but it was a moment of inspiration. Which I could get more than moments, but I take what I can get.

It's Wednesday, GO BUY SOME COMICS!